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Stamps and Marking Devices

Grubb, Inc. has been in the stamp business since our founding over a century ago. Today, we still manufacture genuine red rubber stamps with next day service available. Additionally, we offer a wide line of time-daters, self-inking and pre-inked stamps as well as many unique stamp products, accessories, and embossing seals. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like us to send you a detailed catalog of our stamp line.

We Offer a Wide Variety of Stamps and Marking Devices

Marking Devices including:
Rubber and Pre-inked Stamps all with Wooden Handles
(specializing in Address Stamps, Message Stamps, Signature Stamps, Date and Numberer Stamps, Marking Devices, Inks, and more!)
Corporate and Notary Seals

We have an on-site rubber stamp facility, which is a unique and scarce trade in the printing world. Unique marking problems are solved with a variety of marking devices and inks we carry. We will find the ink best suited to meet your needs for plastic, metal, rubber, cardboard, clothing, etc. Our stamp department is proud to supply a variety of stamps, including Maxlight brand pre-inked stamps, all backed with quality assurance. Next day service is offered on most stamp orders.

Genuine red rubber stamps work exceptionally well with a wide variety of inks and paints. Plastic stamps may react negatively with some inks and paints causing a strong odor or the die to crumble and chip off. RED RUBBER LASTS LONGER TOO!

Choose the right ink and stamp for the job!

Stamps can be made from any design, whether written, drawn or printed so long as the copy is clean and clear. We manufacture many different types of stamps:

  • Rubber Stamps are made with genuine rubber dies that are durable and compatible with a variety of inks and inked pads. These stamps are the most economical and longest lasting. 
  • Self-Inking Stamps are an alternative to the traditional rubber stamp. These stamps have an internal ink pad (some brands can be re-inked and others must be replaced) eliminating the need for a separate ink pad, increasing productivity. We use genuine rubber dies for durability and resilience. Self-inking stamps come in a variety of colors. We stock red, blue, black, and 2-color (red & blue) pads. 
  • Pre-Inked Stamps are manufactured with a special absorbing ink that allows the stamp itself to be inked directly without the necessity of an ink pad. Pre-inked stamps are good for thousands of impressions before re-inking is necessary. Colors are black, red, blue, green, and violet. Other colors are available. We recommend the Maxlight brand of pre-inked stamp. 
  • Signature Stamps, Unique Stamps and Products, Seals, and Embossers — We offer a wide range of options providing you with a stamp that will fit your needs. 
  • Inks and Pads - Match the ink to the job. All inks are not alike!